who are we

Our History

Our owner and founder, Yogi Gahunia

Mr Gahunia was considered a pioneer when he first moved to Texas in the early 80’s. Like many immigrants pursing the “American dream”, he craved a taste of home. However, in the early 80’s Houston very much lacked culinary diversity, so he decided to gap the bridge between the South Asian community and mainstream America through food and sweets, and thus Raja Sweets was born in 1986.

Raja sweets is a fast-food Indian style restaurant with a bakery that prides itself in making the freshest sweets from scratch on the premises daily. We use premium ingredients and preservative free recipes to sustain our brand quality. Most of our sweets are prepared with all natural ingredients, some of which have health benefits.

Mr. Gahunia had a vision for this area. He wanted to build a one-stop-shop for the South-Asian community of Houston. As one of the founding fathers of Hillcroft, he was instrumental in transforming this stretch of Hillcroft into what it is today, the Mahatma Gandhi district.

Why Raja Sweets

What Sets Us Apart

Longest Running

Houston’s longest running sweet shop 

Fresh Sweets

Known for freshness, quality, and consistency

Fast Service

Service that’s fast & efficient

Our Impact

Our owner and founder, Yogi Gahunia had a vision for the business you see now. He wanted to create a one-stop-shop for our Desi community, not knowing it would inspire the creation of Little India and transform this area into the Mahatma Gandhi district.

We are a small family owned and operated establishment proud to provide everyone the opportunity to taste good food! If you are the type of person who eats the same kind of food every day, then now is the best time to get out of your comfort zone and allow your taste buds to experience food that brings India to you.

Our Mission

At Raja Sweets, our goal is to provide you with an authentic Indian restaurant experience. We cater to the true tastes of India and the diverse citizens of Houston by offering a comforting taste of home for some, or an entirely new cuisine adventure for others.

Our Vision

We believe in offering the highest quality of food and sweets to our patrons while maintaining traditional integrity. We hope Raja sweets is a restaurant where you can experience Indian cuisine in its purest form and allow the different flavors of sweets to expand your taste palates.
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